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Child care is a complex and challenging career, but wonderful resources are available to you!

CCIC’s large and specialized lending library gives any child care provider or trainer in Wisconsin access by mail to hundreds of quality materials about early care and education. You may borrow books, CDs, and videos in both DVD and VHS formats. Wisconsin child care providers may use CCIC materials to earn up to five hours of continuing education annually.

We hope Our Library helps you find the information and inspiration you need to create joy and excellence in your work with children and families!


You are at WISCAT, an electronic resource used to locate materials held by CCIC and other libraries across the state of Wisconsin. Use WISCAT to locate books, videos, CDs and other audiovisuals by typing in the title, author or subject. You can also specify the format and publication date of materials. Input your criteria in the above Quick Search field and use the corresponding dropdown to select the field you wish to search. Using Quick Search will limit your search to the CCIC collection.

To perform a statewide inquiry and display public libraries which contain holdings matching your criteria, click the Advanced Search button in the above navigation bar. You will be taken to a new search screen. Use the dropdown for Scoping in to select All Libraries.


How much does borrowing cost?
Materials are shipped to you at no charge. Your only expense is the cost of mailing borrowed items back to CCIC (you won’t even have that cost if you’re able to use the interlibrary loan process explained below).

How long may I keep a library item?
You may keep DVDs for one week and other items for two weeks. If you need an item for a longer time, please let us know. We will be happy to arrange a longer loan period if no one else is waiting for that item.

May I reserve something for a future date?
We can book items for you and time them to arrive a few days before you need them. Please let us know as far in advance as possible if you need an item for a specific date or within a specific time period.

May I copy a video for my own use?
Don’t even think about it! The materials we loan are protected by copyright law. Borrowers agree not to copy, duplicate, reproduce, alter, broadcast, cablecast, televise, or otherwise transmit materials without specific permission from the copyright holder. We can usually tell you where to purchase items you wish to own.


1. Why would I borrow directly from CCIC? Wisconsin residents in the field of early childhood care and education may borrow directly from CCIC by calling, emailing, faxing or writing us. Be sure to contact CCIC directly if you want to:

  • Give us a list of items to be sent in batches over a period of time
  • Book items for use on certain dates
  • Have CCIC keep a record of your individual loans
  • Have the item delivered to your home or workplace
  • Stop by the Post Office and pay the shipping to return the item to CCIC at the end of the loan period

2. Why would I borrow through interlibrary loan? Anyone may request our library materials through interlibrary loan at their local public or academic library. Most Wisconsin libraries offer this service, but check the charge policies of an academic library. Use this method if you want to:

  • Pick up items at your local library rather than having them delivered to you
  • Avoid the cost of mailing the item back to CCIC (a public library will provide this service at no charge if you have borrowed through their interlibrary loan service)

3. How do I use interlibrary loan?

  • Check first to see if your local school or public library owns the item.
  • If not, give the library staff as much information as possible about the item and ask if they will borrow it for you on interlibrary loan.
  • Be prepared to go to your local library to pick up and return the item.
  • Remember that you may not use your local library to return items CCIC ships directly to you. You must mail direct loans back to CCIC yourself